‘With Guitar Impromptus (…), the French composer is hinting at the fact that these miniature instrumental study-projects that he has been releasing during the past few years might slowly be announcing something bigger and more ambitious.’
Doug Thomas blog

‘While the vessel of his music has changed, his musical style, one that is involved within the cinematic/score is still very apparent. Karsenti is very adept at turning his hands to other instruments and gaining the same great quality out of them.’
Drifting, Almost Falling review

‘Mathieu Karsenti is a highly skilled guitarist who has come up with a particularly lovely piece entitled Estampes After Debussy and while it is somewhat more lush and pretty than anything Debussy would have composed, the influence of the French master is certainly audible in the evocative arpeggioic glissandi and dreamy chordplay. It is beautifully written and played, accompanied by sparse background sounds but with the guitar occupying centre stage at all times.’
Trust the Doc Blog – Demerara Records