‘There is a strong, mature cinematic feel with a very moody undercurrent in the four pieces of the E.P… I’ve yet to be disappointed with any of the material that has come my way via Karsenti. It always feels of the highest order…’
Drifting, Almost Falling review

‘The music is breathtakingly beautiful, and should be listened to and appreciated by lovers of all kinds of music. Each piece offers the listener a tranquility. The compositions are impressive and delicate, bold at times, but overall calming in their collective nature. Karsenti has over two decades of experience in the world of music… This wealth of experience shines through in the latest EP.’
N-Eight music blog

‘…the clever use of sustained, crescendoing chords, piano figures and contrasts of register and key that make this such compelling listening.’
Trust the Doc Blog – Demerara Records

‘Viola Abstractions’ is another sublime release from Karsenti. A piece of work that suggests and evokes rather than describes, and allows the listener for his own interpretations… Of course, this most recent project already announces the next one through a wait that will be unbearable until it is revealed.’
Doug Thomas blog