‘… I genuinely feel a loss words to describe the sounds, feelings and mood of this release. If ever I assumed incorrectly what a piece of music would sound prior to hearing it, it is this. Just to state it in simple terms, this is quite an impressive piece of work …’
Drifting, Almost Falling review

‘… Clearly, one to associate the music with imagined or real moving images, his works carry a very cinematic atmosphere in general… He creates an interesting atmosphere with his instrumentation and somewhat quirky…’
Piano and Coffee blog review

‘… The result is a rich and dynamic path in four movements … defining a sensory torrent punctuated by fluctuating emphasis and rhythm variations able to determine an extremely palpitating sonic universe even if very cohesive and cared in its structural definition. A possible soundtrack for a story yet to be written’.
So What blog review

‘… Aitaké is full of diverse instruments helping to illustrate the meeting of Karsenti’s music with the exoticism of Eastern Asian music… I could imagine his Aitaké Suite for Solo Violin being an homage to the wave of Asian movies’ soundtracks of the early 2000s—such as In the Mood for Love—or simply another beautiful musical offering from him’.
Doug Thomas review


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