‘Incredibly poised and moving piece of contemporary classical.’
Lost Tribe Sound record label

‘With a beauty as visceral as it is poignant, with a truth as moving as it is lucid and limpid, Bygones unveils its eight stages in perfect consistency. That of a creator of eternal lives, of new and reassuring harmonic species.’ Punktum.fr review

‘Bygones’ impart the sustaining atmosphere of Ambient Chamber music, but with a sense of intimacy better known from poets of the Spoken arts [..] It is true that these releases offer passages of aural beauty and heartening ascent – which will indeed be pleasing to the ear and restorative to the soul – but both also offer a significant challenge to the listener…’ Star’s End Radio review

‘Bygones’ seems a lot more developed… Karsenti seems to stretch even more his harmonic and melodic ideas. It is more challenging for the listener to identify the content of it, and it is through a micro and macro approach that one can understand the album.’ Doug Thomas review and interview

‘The nostalgic inspiration underlying ‘Bygones’ is faithfully manifested in its eight parts dominated by the sinuous movements of the strings. The cinematic touch of the English artist thus defines orchestral scores of bright, staid romanticism.’
Music Won’t Save You review

‘A light work and at the same time full of images and memories that rise from the depths of a calm sea that breathes into the past.’
Rockerilla magazine review

‘…beautiful contemporary classical compositions… Unhurried, peaceful, widescreen cinematic… simply complete.’ Ambient Blog review

‘… I discovered Bygones as my favourite classically influenced record. The strings and arrangement of the instrument tones are as rich and lavish as you’d find in music by these household names…’ Whitelabs Records blog