‘Each release I have heard from this artist I have loved and this is no exception.’
Drifting, Almost Falling review

‘Quite beautiful, it has a lifting, airy quality to it that provides just the right amount of sunlight, as darker tones and discordant melodies crackle in the distance. Dovetailing synthetic and acoustic textures together so well, it’s essentially seamless.’ 
Lost Tribe Sound record label

‘…dense with sound and imaginative suggestions… warm acoustic arpeggios, ample string vibrations and a resonant ambience… Karsenti demonstrates a marked awareness in projecting {…} compositions beyond the association with the images, indeed arousing through sound a sequence of pronounced emotional landscapes.’
Music Won’t Save You blog review

‘What Karsenti accomplishes here in just six minutes is quite remarkable, and the elegance of the sound design and control of its carefully administered development speaks strongly for his abilities as a sound sculptor. Downstream Blue does often achieve a kind of symphonic splendour’.
Textura music blog

‘The French composer Mathieu Karsenti excels at surprising his audience {…} I know the composer as being very fond of the music of Debussy, and this is very close to being a modern approach to what the French composer was doing a century ago – as well as an involuntary reference to the recent master of slow paced music, Jóhannsson.’
Doug Thomas blog

‘Downstream Blue by film composer Mathieu Karsenti is probably my favourite of a fine bunch, peaking on the haunting “Loosen” with guitar and swirling strings grounded by a recurring cello motif that sounds like a voice humming a sad lament.’
Ambientmusicguide.com review

‘Like a blissful moment in time… This {…} release showcases this award-winning film composer’s talent to knit picturesque soundscapes, rich in texture, time and space.’
Headphone Commute review

‘An island of comforting sound in which to take refuge dreaming of distant lands… All that remains is to let yourself be carried away by the tide.’
SoWhat Music blog review

‘Here vaguely cinematic memories rub shoulders with new classical forms over an experimental, but eminently listenable, ambient backdrop’.
The Slow Music Movement blog

‘In this work, while maintaining an imprint of neoclassical style, Karsenti has attempted to offer a different story, with accents and deep ambient openings of considerable impact…’
Rockerilla Print magazine review